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aselfishness of the dance icon

aselfishness of the dance icon

Extracts from three-legged mother .............

WAITING FOR THE SUN was a firefly light up the dark
_Daugter,, The past could not achieve happiness in my marriage. My mother's very lonely. If I find I'm looking for love.I want to marry again. .......This time I will give a more prudent decision.

_3-Legged Mother: waiting for the sun to illuminate the darkness of the chain a halkasıda're unhappy ...

The refrigerator is rich not mean you'll get a very tasty food cooked .......

Your problems, it creates problems not solved with the logic structure.
Problems which your mentality.
The dog tries to catch its own tail in his mouth, listen to the story Do not you tired?
Very difficult, almost impossible you to change.
But I know a very easy method.

To learn how to listen.

Listening to and observing people.
Without skipping any details ..LISTENING SILENCE of the blind.

Do not get bright light will look into the mystery.

Listening to date has earned reputation irreparable mistake is full of people who do not know.

Leaders, scientists, doctors, engineers, architects, children do not know how to educate mothers, teachers, and even clergymen.

The most beautiful flowers grow in manure.
Genius, is the inferiority of the most beautiful fruit.
Keep this in mind.

In terms of people, forms, races, their ugliness, their pugnacity, their poverty, their failures, their bigotry, intolerance, without looking at. Groups to each individual to add to your library, you can not separate.
Tiny firefly has managed to penetrate the darkness with light.
I think that success is larger than the Sun's success.

Dosluğu of the sun with the world is infinite. As the world revolves around him at the same time also rotates around the sun. Sun wins the friendship of the world with transparency. If you want to be transparent yourself. Their friends or transparent.

No one person alone can not win the war. In addition to half a million people would be willing to die. Mahatma Gandhi, this victory could never win.
Leader Mahatma Gandhi to be a memorable one, with the reliability and transparency of its simplicity wins.

If you look at your own login window.
You see its tail.
I've made this mistake too.

Rumi's always turning around itself for dance icon..
This selfishness of the dance icon .
A life-centered people I do not win anything.
But lately ... He in turn got some clues.
Mevlana people wanted to sleep they wake up that lazy. All you hear''all you see, do not believe all you read.''''Each''into it by adding the word meant everything. But people in this fun stories, poetry, could not go further than just having fun with fun. The confidential warnings to people not do any good.
From any negligence''Islam''is up through Mevlana said.'' By reason of any negligence will wake up.''Say one did not work as well.
Effort was wasted.
Mevlana was to blame. Why? Challenged the gods.
Not achieve positive change on people of God himself had tried to do.

Will be shown before starting to turn up the neckline of the head With the arms crossed, leaning forward to press the chest.
What if god is in the vicious fighting will stop. I'm willing to every sentence.
. Because of my sins challenge you know. Give it just me or penalties.
Extending the hand of God into the air around the other, the generosity of God's desire to share with other people. As a means of transition.

One end connected to the waistband of his shirt while the other returns will be scattered, arising from their own resources to be distributed around the generously. Front foot again and again to get left behind in a fruitless effort tells the blank.
But this effort does not give up even if sterilization.
''''How come you're here because this was a call.
people told me. Told me, he said. As someone who lived in 1200. The worst of the human,''the best atheist, irreligious, and from every religion, murder, etc.. ''How come you're here.''Calling people to the convent. Perception, the glorification of the power needs of the people was heard. Mevlana''my praise, runway, I was burning.''Life in the third section that tells you. In the first section of ignorance and error, access the wisdom of maturity period of 2 3 Period, though the people of God because of his unrequited love.

The real sense of heterosexual love, a love that is fleeting.
True love, date, location, opposite sex, parties, money, hormones, ırkdaşlara, with co-religionists, never need to kinship.
One of the few people reach this love is Yunus Emre.

They say paradise paradise,
A few maidens with several pavilions,
moment until you give
I need you, you.

Despite his love of God, divine.
Heaven had refused.
God has given him the power to reject the material itself to find paradise.
In spite of hell.
When God called out;
- Yunus Emre''I hear you, I love my love is not based on bribes. I know that You love unrequited. Are you that selfish corruption, poor hearts, you can cheat but cannot manage to grasp.
You are the secret of my soul to the foundation.''

Giving to God the distinction of being creative, and God (generosity) to the passion and unrequited love of his life is all.
He says it to God ..
He had a taste of love, spiritual wealth. The source of love in your heart of love was so creative.
He had no love for the slightest scrap of selfishness.
If you can not save himself in the heart of poverty. Understand the richness of God's generosity never get the chance ..

I praise the track, I was burning ...... will not be the one who died before. Firefly yaşamıyacak only disappointment. In addition 13 The richness of spirit to the present century has managed to move around from village to village without shoes, Yunus Emre are also available.

Three-legged mother


From God for JOKES

    THE BRIDE IN A FRIENDLY and let's cruel to let sword STEAL.
So who is wrong?

But we know who you are wrong you say.
Are you sure?
      My childhood was listening to the stories of wrongdoing. Received a share of almost three races as a man, and two sects grew up as a member of the public.
      To assign blame to each other atrocities that the drive to me their own opinions, religious beliefs, that attempts to impose their political views grew up among relatives. A party of ideas, religious beliefs, political views, if adopted, the other I've encountered a problem like losing my family. Yet I can not bear to lose one, even my relatives did. Not only as a member of a political opinion, will not accept a single sect was so greedy. There's a diversity within such a period of one to the other side I stopped swinging.                                                                                 
              When selecting a variety of my friends have seen the benefits too. I could be friends with everyone. I was really happy with it. But here all my own religious belief, political opinion was talking about the benefits. Cruelty against the side of treason by the ignorant act was to blame and not the people. I have friends in the open-eyed. Even my friends can not bear to lose one was. There were accusations so that the opprobrious accusations that the tip did not know that nobody has touched me. In fact, were not aware. My fondness for people that. About not losing a single man that had been hypocritical greedy me pure.
              I was in extreme hypocrisy. With relatives of the Kurds Kurdish nationalists, Turkish nationalists in Turkey with my family, my relatives Alawi Alawi,
Sunni Sunni my relatives, my relatives leftist leftists, rightists have the right wing. Arabs do not recognize any subject likely to be higher in relatives. Like a chameleon, changing according to the person place and time was provided.
       In fact, to be Kurds, to Turkish, to flame, to Sunni Arab opinion was oblivious to move me an iota. A him a political opinion that my ideas have never had a full.  I got everything but nothing.
I was in love with people. Get them to listen to anything I did not give satisfaction. To listen to life stories, their journey to worlds filled with secrets, mysteries to be your confidant, your soul to navigate. Here is my paradise I had. I had found my paradise. I will not make it to heaven was nothing.
Such as the hypocrisy ....
    The downside is that people will listen to me I had won in the good things. I have a great audience. People are not just words, I could listen to their souls. Whether it should not talk.
     My childhood was not so good at first pass is needed. Had not yet learned how to hypocrisy. From what events and impact very quickly. I appeal to just about anything. I've offended anyone.
The last time my grandmother lived in the Ottoman Empire was a woman. Would explain the dominant Kurdish villages. Then he told me his story was "always in a high place in the picket outside the village were expected. The Kurds, the buzzer rang in sight. Wife and children fled to the mountains would be collected. Lay hidden in caves for days miserable. The Kurds would plunder our houses and take what they could find. If they can not even get their revenge burned our houses would go. "He would tell. told my mother that he had supported: " my uncle house dating from the foundation of the dominant Kurdish digged out stacks of burnt bed quilt. If you dig where things are burnt out. "He said. I raid in the Kurdish villagers from different stories so many times and then I listen.
     The Kurds of cruelty as a child listening to my ancestors had hurt me very much. I refuse to be Kurds. I console myself by saying Turkey would look like ancestors. Even my father did not talk to my uncle, more like the Kurds. Kurdish girl said to me what I could drown in a teaspoon of water.
'Oppression of the Kurds did not just listen to the subject. I listened to the brutality of my Turkish ancestors. More recently, the kidnapping of a leftist terörüstü hands of the Turkish officers stripped the men of a village buried in snow for three days and they experienced it personally heard from the villagers.
The only crime to the village headman, who used to tell my uncle, his tortured "This torture is not possible to stand as a human being. I would have never made me go to the next cell in the torture of a young woman begs, screams still did not go of my ears. "He says. His uncle's commune period could beat any man's wife. Was a fair man. I did not like violence. His wife, their children or someone else had raised his hand. Did not have weapons at home. "I would prefer to die Instead of killing somebody," he says. But he was tortured and that the woman who wants to kill Turkish officer said. In fact, the Turkish officer who should be killed, but his son. Selfish, devoid of reasoning, moving with an instinctive impulse, does not receive a portion of humanity at a young age because her son had died from a brain haemorrhage.
I can write hundreds of examples of this. In the period of martial law does not pose a threat for the country hardly saw people tortured in the query does not know that some people get lost.           Hundreds of them are also discussed.
Oppressiveness of race-specific mood?
Creating a superior race, Hitler, the atrocities of the German race to the property in order to make possible?
Do you have a noble race?
So the cruelty under the shield of religion, nor should?
The same religion and sect, under the cruel nor should it?
A description of the Crusaders are doing to the Muslims Do? 
My childhood, Muawiyah, Yezit, Yavuz Selim'ın Alevis were spent listening to his cruelty.
Which will kill the tyrant. Let us say that we killed the past, either those made today.
Do you want to look a little today?
            Hitler's SS officers to find Almanya'sının years, the Jews who struggle to judge whether they think the Palestinians are tortured? Hitler, the Jews, had they been free to Almanya'sındaki officers had not worked so well written and visual media, the Palestinians did not burn at the bakery? Did not do cruelty or another? Living off the world or become gentleman did so? Extended to the Palestinian problem and that they did this? I think the problem with this power would be freed from the year before.
Hitler's SS officers believe in the same circumstances would not behave differently.
In a different perspective than you?
          Or the Palestinians if they're Jewish, they had taken power in the hands of the Jews did it will hurt? To take over leadership of killing their own people, do not feel emotional distress, internal revolts by removing their own country, people do not hesitate to bring the throat the throat, of the Palestinian people do not believe they will behave differently from Hitler's SS officers.
Who ate the cream of the modern era, the highest level of education in the U.S., the British officer in Iraq, made his torture and rape of women watched us from the visual media.
    Leadership does not want to miss the animals would kill other animals easily. Or the fierce battle for leadership can. Difference that separates people from animals in this regard?
     In fact, Darwin was right. We have a similar behavior with animals. Many of the same instinctual impulse. But I could not given adequate information on a subject Darwin. Reasoning power be felt, our evolution, we realize the power of emotional intelligence, how would we? Children, handicapped, infants, elderly people who rape, sexual contact with animals not seen in the mind, people still had sexual intercourse with their children between us. And in future generations will be. Can we be wrong in Darwin? I'm very surprised.
From the first man to this day we took the long way. How much of our instinctive urge to be negative were able to dominate?
Did the benefits of education? Yes.
To cruel ......
Hitler today, I bring a chair if you sit on it, regardless of whether, if asked why he had killed so many people defend the rights would you give him. Maybe you would have an anti-Semitic.
If you asked what wrong is right. Are ideal. Has defended his country. Fatherland is in danger is required to get rid of the threat. Have been tortured. Should be revenged.
Benefits of education has been very cruel .. Create the public fancy with the words, ignorant people can believe in the necessity of killing, slaughter. Dreaming dreams of heaven, or the status of poor people to trick innocent people were killed partner cruel.
         Ranging from antiquity to the present day, education is easier with the defense of atrocities did not she?
Translate to hell in Iraq, President George Bush. Confidence in the power of persuasion, his strong defense of its own citizens fool would not?
           I asked my father a question like this: "Father, the world's indifference, how to manage the Earth would have strings attached though a single judge?" She told me "I'd done a great cleaning would hang a lot of people," he said.
Was this solution?
        Your beliefs are common, not you, unconditional obedience, not the leadership position of threatening, I respect you do not, urge their trouble, the weaknesses are, and furthermore, under the auspices on the people to kill us humans would not do.
Ta be a leader and not resort to violence is a leader.
Mahatma Gandhi.
Gandhi did not take up arms for independence in India. And had taught all of humanity to the world. Others live as I know, but I'll never forget this lesson.
            And Gandhi humanity stairs at the top, people want to live, happy to be a leader to be very much things of substance did not need naked with her body, a goat with a primitive house with garden vegetables explained had tried.
So I had the world's management.
What I would do.
If hostilities continue my and my religion is not my, my race if I take my grudge against me for non Hitler Is not it more wrong than that?
  I could not bear the torture of children.
My weakness for this.
Cannot cope with the negative sexual impulse, I kill those who tortured children?
Is not it wrong that I was in the wrong?
But I learned something today. What if I refused, my half-human half-animal. I can make mistakes all the time. I have an instinctive urge to animal-specific negative in my genes. Never have no way of getting rid of them.
Create conditions likely to occur when.
I realize the power of humanity to beat me I have anger.
    I know that I can not see my back I ride with a wild animal skins.
If I carry on my back if I forget a wild animal's neck;
Do harm to myself and to people all the time. So;
I'll cut my throat if there is a cruel sword it is mine. 
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